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Catarina Kerr


Vehicle blasters PERCEP TION 3D


Willpower 2D+1 STRENGTH 2D+2


Starship shields TECHNICAL 2D+2



Kinetic Communication: Lorrdians can communicate with one another by means of a language of subtle facial expressions, muscle ticks and body gestures. This is a special ability because the language is so complex that only an individual raised entirely in the Lorrdian culture can learn the subtleties of the language.  

Raised on the planet of Lorrd, Catarina was always a difficult child. She had few friends, and the ones she did have only tolerated her because their parents made them. Thus, she became somewhat of a loner and a trouble maker.

Catarina did not enjoy learning the complex language that the Lorrdians developed during their period of slavery; therefore, she developed very unusual gestures, some of which are consider quite rude by Lorrdian standards. She also detested the fact that she was from a culture that had once served as slaves, even though it was not by their own choice.

Catarina found her solace in tinkering with droid, computer, and all type of vehicles. She enjoyed fixing things that were broken and breaking things that were fixed. It was in this venue that Catarina met her Jedi teacher, a Lorrdian named Teton Crue.

Crue was not a Jedi Master, but he was knowledgeable in the ways of the force and saw the abilities in Catarina. He taught her of the ways of a Jedi (what he knew), the Jedi code, how to construct a lightsaber, and warned her of the lure of the dark side; but, Catarina always proved to be a difficult student.

Crue decided that Catarina was too difficult a student for him to instruct and told her that she should seek out a Jedi Master to instruct her. In a fit of rage Catarina engaged Crue in a lightsaber battle and took the arm of probably the only true friend she ever had. Catarina immediately apologized for her actions, but the damage was already done. Teton Crue left the planet of Lorrd, and to this day, Catarina has not seen him again.

After working very hard to earn enough money to buy a ship, Catarina purchased a Firespray Class ship from a Bounty Hunter that had crash landed on Lorrd. The ship was not in working condition, but with a few years of work, the ship became fairly space worthy.

Without saying good-bye to anyone, Catarina left Lorrd to seek out a Jedi Academy. She knew she must make right the wrong that she had done to Crue, and the only way she could think of to do was to find a Jedi Master that could help her deter from the path of the Dark Side.

At the age of 25, Catarina set out on a journey that lead her to the planet of Ambria. There she met her new Master and is struggling still to control her actions.

EQUIPMENT: 500 credits, lightsaber (4D), blaster pistol (4D), Firespray Class Patrol and Attack Ship(currently non-functional), 2 sets of clothing, medpac

Brenden Forrester




Xeno-Anatomy STRENGTH 4D


Beast riding TECHNICAL 2D



Martial Arts: When attacking using the Shi'nun style, the attacker can elect to do only stun damage. With this option, the attacker does STR+2D of stun damage. When used on an alien species different than the attacker, a Xeno-Anatomy roll is required to use pressure point ability. The difficulty is at the GM's discretion, based on the alien's similarity to the attacker's species.  

Brenden Forrester has a gift. He's a fantastic tracker. Born and raised on Yelsain, he grew up with all the stereo typical values of his homeworld. Tough, rugged, never trusting technology farther than he could throw it, strong code of morals and ethics; he chose a career in law enforcement. He made his home living in the tall trees of the Yelsain forests - looking for fugitives.

Crime and punishment were both simple and swift on Yeslain. No organized police force existed, just the local settlers and their 'drum head meetin's'. Whenever someone tried to run away from their sentence, the settlers would call Brenden and he would find them. Brenden was a primitive version of the perfect bounty hunter.

He traveled lightly, carrying only what he thought he would need. Provisions, a small shelter, a few medpacs, a compass, a locator beacon, a small composite bow and arrows were the things he needed most. He also carried a blaster rifle to deal with some of Yelsain's larger natural predators.

Bring 'em back alive was the preferred style - so Brenden studied a style of martial arts called Shi'nun. This method stressed the use of pressure points to overload a person's nervous system, resulting in unconsciousness. Once he tracked the fugitive he would sneak up, knock them out, tie them up, and call for a ride.

His success rate was simply uncanny. At times his streaks would reach 10 or 11 collars in a row without a miss. At the height of his greatest success, 19 straight, his life changed drastically. He was in pursuit of number 20, an infamous murderer named Vaxen, who had narrowly escaped capture by Brenden four times. As he closed in for another attempt it seemed all was lost as Vaxen got aboard a smuggler ship and offworld. Brenden was determined. He would not give up so easily. He made some inquiries and waited for the next supply ship to arrive a few months later.

Brenden booked passage to the supply freighter's next destination and then methodically made his way across the galaxy in search of clues to Vaxen's location. It was nearly three years later when he finally caught up with the outlaw. During that time Brenden was exposed to a great deal the galaxy had to offer - both good and bad. He returned to Yelsain with Vaxen in tow completing his record streak: 20 in a row, with 92 career collars to his credit. And immediately left again.

Brenden Forrester had made a decision. There was a great evil out there in the universe. It called itself The Galactic Empire. There were brave souls trying to fight for freedom, and he knew he could help. Through some friends he had made in the last few years he offered his talents to The Rebellion. He worked for a while as a SpecForce Pathfinder, doing what was necessary. And doing it well.

Much of Brenden's success could be attributed to his physical and mental training and skill. Another sizable portion was due to the 'hunches' he got from time to time. He learned early on to trust them and they have served him well through the years. The feelings he had were actually due to a subconscious manipulation of the Force. Brenden is a strong natural talent,but was unaware of his abilities. He believed that his skills were normal. After all, much of his life has been spent alone wandering the wilderness. He had no way to realize that he could sometimes hear things others couldn't -there had never been anyone around. He had heard of the Jedi and knew Yelsaineven produced some Jedi in the past. Due to his skills and mission profiles, no Force-sensitive person got close enough to recognize how strong the Force is with Brenden Forrester.

Obviously, that could only last for so long. Eventually, a Jedi affiliated with the Rebellion felt the ripples caused by Brenden's use of the Force. He found the fledgling Force user and Brenden began his training in the ways of the Jedi.

Since the formation of The New Republic, Brenden can be found almost anywhere. His SpecForce regiment was disbanded; platoons, squads, even whole companies reassigned to fit the needs of the fledgling government. So when you're in an area that The Republic is looking into, you might notice Brenden Forrester plying his trade.

He'll be the one you can't see or hear.

EQUIPMENT: Civilian clothes, standard issue survival pack, datapad, compass, comlink, magnacuffs, macrobinoculars, SoroSuub "Heavy Tracker" 16 Blaster Rifle (5D), composite short bow (3D), quiver of 2 dozen arrows, lightsaber (5D), 550 credits.

Jessair Naurevar


Vehicle blasters PERCEPTION 3D


Willpower STRENGTH 3D


Starship shields TECHNICAL 2D


At times, the darker side of your nature seems to come forward, but on the whole you battle valiantly for good. You have become slightly disillusioned by your travels. You are confident in your abilities.

Jessair has been an orphan as long as he can remember. He doesn’t know who his parents were and, somehow, it doesn’t matter any more. His first memories are of the streets of Nar Shaddaa. You grow up fast when you’re seven years old and living on the streets. Sometimes he would beg and sometimes he would steal. His favorite means of survival, though, was working as a pickpocket. His great natural dexterity served him well and he loved to see the many wonderful things he could find in people’s pockets. When he was ten, he picked the wrong pocket. Sneaking up behind a young woman, he had carefully reached into her pocket - and she had whipped around, her left hand lashing out to snare his wrist, her right pointing a blaster into his face.

The woman laughed when she realized she had caught a young pickpocket. She offered to take him in and care for him - to be his mother. Jessair was stunned by this and readily accepted. He discovered too late that the woman worked for Durga the Hutt and that he was now expected to work for the crimelord.

He spent the next four years stealing and picking pockets for Durga and the woman, Jarda Shaynn, in exchange for room and board. At the age of fourteen, already tall and strong, he was given his first strong arm job. He had to intimidate a local merchant into paying a debt he owed to Jarda. She gave him a blaster pistol and sent him on his way. Unfortunately, the merchant turned out to be twice his size and extremely hard to intimidate. Jessair realized that it was a test - that Jarda expected him to kill the man. Instead, however, he pulled the pistol and fired three shots, the first directly between the man’s feet, the second scorching the crotch of his pants and the third sizzling his hair in the center of his head. When he pointed the pistol at the merchant’s face and slowly aimed it between his eyes, the merchant gulped and agreed to pay his debt immediately. Once again, Jessair was served well by his natural dexterity - he had never fired a blaster before in his life!

Although things had not gone exactly as Jarda had planned, she was impressed when she heard the stories and rumors that soon began to make the rounds. Jessair began to get more such jobs and although he quickly grew to loathe them, he knew there was no way he could escape Jarda or her master.

Then at the age of 16, he again picked someone’s pocket. This time, however, it turned out to be the right pocket. For the second time in his career, he was caught. This time, however, it was an old man - a very old man. Reacting in fear, Jessair drew his blaster on the oldster, but with amazing agility, he leapt forward and dashed the pistol from Jessair’s hand. Grabbing the stunned, young man, he looked deeply into his eyes, then said, "Come with me."

Although at first he was terrified of what was happening, Jessair followed him. He was compelled to - he couldn’t say no. When he realized the old man was taking him to a ship, a battered, old freighter, his heart leapt into his mouth. This was his big chance to escape from under the thumb of Jarda and Durga. He followed him readily onto the ship and less than an hour later they were gone from Nar Shaddaa. Jessair has never been back.

At first the old man would not say why he had brought Jessair along. He would not even give his name or their destination. After a number of stops where the old man took on supplies and wandered around spaceports, he began to suspect that he had no destination in mind. Jessair was relegated to simple tasks around the ship to keep things in order. Sometimes he saw the old man practicing with a glowing sword, but he did not know what it was.

Then, a year ago, there was an accident. During an attack by pirates, a heavy crate was dislodged and fell on Jessair, breaking his arm and shoulder and cracking some of his ribs. After the old man managed to lose the pirates, he came and found Jessair in serious straits. He was having difficulty breathing, the broken ribs having punctured his lungs, and he was bleeding internally. Under any normal circumstances, the injuries would have proved fatal - but the old man just looked at agonized young man with a confident smile and said, "Concentrate, boy. You can heal yourself." Under the old man’s direction, Jessair managed to awaken the latent Jedi power within himself and a few days later was completely healed.

That was when the old Jedi began to teach him. He taught him many things, things about the Jedi, about his abilities and also about the ship. He taught him how to wield a lightsaber and to protect himself from the attacks of others. Jessair began to grow in the ways of the Force.

A few months ago, however, they were attacked by an Imperial corvette. The old Jedi realized that there was a Dark Jedi on board the other ship. When they were boarded, both Jessair and the old Jedi fought against the Imperials, but there was no way they could prevail. Then the Dark Jedi attacked the old man. They fought a hard battle, the old man retreating through the ship - as if, this once, he had a destination in mind. Unwilling to leave his side, Jessair kept watch against the many Stormtroopers. Finally, they ended up in the bridge of the corvette. There, the old Jedi sprung his surprise. Deactivating his lightsaber, he withdrew a thermal detonator from within his robes. The Imperials and the Dark Jedi moved away. He told Jessair to leave, but he refused. Then the old Jedi threw his lightsaber to him and yelled, "Run, boy! As your honor me as your teacher, I order you to run!"

Jessair ran. He made it back to the ship and broke away from the corvette. He had only just gotten away when the bridge of the corvette exploded, followed shortly after by the rest of the ship.

Since then he has spent the last few months roaming the galaxy as he did with the old Jedi. About a week ago, he felt an inexplicable urge to go to Ambria. He did so and, upon entering the system, was attacked by what appeared to be a bounty hunter…

EQUIPMENT: 1000 credits, Stock Light Freighter, Lightsaber (5D), Blaster Pistol (4D)

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